Representing numbers and place values.

This week we doiid place value and representing numbers.

First I did Place value adn placed numbers in their spot.

Next I wrote every possible way I could represent numbers.

Lastly I did some addition equations.

I enjoyed doing equations. I need to improve on representing numbers. I did well on place value.

Ko Rafyel Ahau

This week we had to create a visual pepeha.  A pepeha is about you and the people and things you are connected to.  I liked creating my pepeha because it represents my family.

Ko Maungarei te Maunga.
Ko Tamaki te awa.
Ko Ngāti Pāoa te iwi o tenei kura.
Ko Ngāti Wai me Ngāti Porou toku iwi.
Ko Alesana tōku hapū.
Nō Samoa me Māori ahau.
Ko Rafyel ahau.

My superhero

This week the  Summer Learning Journey started this activity is when you have to make a character you. Came up with that’s a superhero do you have to. Name it family connection world he lives in Nemesis. Friends abilities weakness to abilities weapons challenges they have to face. 

Market day

This week for market day we had to sell things and buy things We had all the classes that had made something like room 4 had made little fidget spinner. Us LS1 he made bookmark and pencil cases we were making for the gala.


This week we did HPE dogtalis and long jump with coach and after that we play dog tails. Is when you in teams and you have to take people’s tails and if you take them out they are eliminated and they are out from the game. If you are out by the game you have to sit up by the slop. I i did well at being a good  sport i need to improve on being a better teammate.

Film review

This week we did a film review for writing we had to pick a movie form a different school. And we had to recommend it to the public or to. People who like your friends i recommend  this movie because it helps .The earth and it teaches us to respect our teachers and always appreciate them for what they do for us.

What is a protoype

  This week did for inquiry we did what is a prototype a prototype is a is a object or a model of the of the product. So we are testing out things  to use things to make our product and make people use it so we And. Persuade them to buy it because  our school is having a school gala and  we are trying to raise money to help the school and help the. School rise  enough money  so we can help people who don’t have a chromebook  will learn new things .

Beach painting

We made a beach with the clicky paint It is really fun cuz it’s not like  sumo paint when there’s a bunch of buttons but it’s too fun because you can mush colors and blend colors together. And make your own beach the beach  part is fun because you can make and add anything you want to your painting.

Film festivals

Film festivals are cool because we can watch movies at the theater and sit with people or  friends and . Every class in every school make movies and it’s fun to watch and it good to give suggestion for the next film festival. But it’s very sad that or class movie didn’t get to play on the big screen So now next year we’re going to make it count and make our movie go on the big screen.


The Jandal Throw – Manaiakalani Film Festival